Are you worried about the concrete areas of your home experiencing too much wear and tear?

You’ll often find concrete floors in garages, basements, and patios, but there’s no reason you can’t include concrete in a bedroom or kitchen as well. If you choose concrete, there are some important steps you need to take in order to protect it from cracking and staining. 

In this post, we’re going to tell you 3 reasons why you should consider coating your concrete at home. As with most other types of flooring, concrete is susceptible to a variety of potential damages. Keep reading and you’ll understand how coating your concrete can make your floors more comfortable and longer-lasting.

1. Durability Against Stains, Cracks, Moisture

Depending on where you have a concrete floor installed, it’s going to be at risk of sustaining damage. If it’s a garage floor, you’ve got common chemical spills, UV rays, excessive moisture, and the pressure of vehicles to worry about.

For a patio, you really have to worry about sun damage and moisture. Inside the home, concrete floors are at risk of stains from things coming in from outside or food spills. 

All of these things are going to work their way through your concrete over time, which eventually leads to replacement. If you coat your floors with polyurea coating, however, you can give them the durability they need to last for years.

It’s important to use polyurea coating rather than epoxy, simply because it’s more durable – up to 20 times stronger. Our garage floor coating systems are UV-resistant and when we apply a second layer, they’re completely moisture-resistant as well.

In contrast, epoxy is prone to fading when exposed to UV rays and, since it’s a thin coating, lets moisture through to the concrete. You’ll soon have to have the floor re-coated with epoxy when spills and fading happen.

When you have chemical spills in your garage, polyurea coatings allow you to simply wipe them away. This level of durability means that your floors are going to last for years longer than they would with epoxy and certainly longer than they would if left bare.

2. Improve the Look of Your Floors

You might not care that much whether your garage floor looks perfect, but when it comes to a concrete patio or the floors in your basement, it’s important. Another thing that coating brings to the table is a variety of finishes to choose from.

Concrete, although used for a variety of construction purposes, isn’t the most attractive substance. It’s a dull grey that, when damaged, really lowers the aesthetic bar in your basement, patio, or wherever else you may have it installed.

That’s why, at Garage Force, we offer a number of different coating systems for different areas of your home. The Full Chip System, our most popular coating, is a 3-tiered system with a base coat, a decorative chip in whichever color you want, and a clear coating to protect the chip and give the floor a brilliant shine.

Or there’s the Medici System, which is a decorative coating available in a wide variety of colors and different textured looks. It’s an ideal choice for concrete floors in homes, studios, and commercial showrooms. 

The Metallic System will give your concrete floors a high-gloss look that can bring your basement to life. This process begins with a clear PolyCuramine base coat, then our metallic tints are added to give it a pearlescent look, and a gloss is laid on top to give it its patented shine.

If you’re worried about slipping on your concrete floors, you may decide on the Quartz System. This anti-slip flooring begins with a polyurea coating of your choice (there are 11 colors to pick from), upon which colored granules are laid before the anti-slip top layer is added.

For those with damaged concrete floors, the Solid Color System is a great choice. This one goes directly to your concrete. With its self-leveling properties, it fills in cracks and holes in damaged concrete, making it look brand new.

3. Affordable and Low Maintenance

Beyond appearance and durability, polyurea coatings are both easy to maintain and affordable to install. Let’s start with the installation process, which can be completed in a matter of hours or days depending on which coating you choose.

All of our coatings cure in less than 24 hours, so the installation process isn’t as tiresome as other coating methods. Epoxy, for instance, is known to take up to 4 days to completely cure without bubbles.

Another thing is that polyurea can be installed at any temperature between -30 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can have your concrete floors coated year-round, as opposed to epoxy, which can only be installed in ideal conditions.

Because of how durable polyurea is, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your floors or having them recoated often. This is going to save you huge amounts of money in the long run. Coated floors that look the part will also add value to your home should you ever decide to sell.

Something that plenty of customers comment on is how low-maintenance coated concrete floors are. An untreated floor, as we’ve noted, is susceptible to all sorts of damage. You have to work really hard to avoid UV rays, moisture, and cracking.

All of the Garage Force coating systems are resistant to stains, scrapes, chemical corrosion, and extreme temperatures, in addition to UV rays. You won’t have to think much about your coated floor once it’s installed, it’ll just be there for you.

Enjoy More Coated Concrete At Home

It’s easy to see why you should consider coating your concrete at home. These are just a few of the main benefits that you’ll see when you choose polyurea concrete coatings, but there are many more subtle ones as well. If you want durable, attractive floors, that you don’t have to worry about, polyurea coatings are the way to go.

To get a quote for your concrete floors, don’t hesitate to contact us at Garage Force today.