Walls that Work - Endless opportunities for your organization

Organization made simple – Finding the right tool has never been so fast

Having a storage solution for your tools will simplify your life by saving you time, trouble, and frustration before starting your project.  Securely store your everyday items while keeping your workspace clear.


Walls That Work

Basic Duty

This is our basic line for those who want budget friendly options. Installed with a color matching screw directly to your wall.

Standard Duty

Includes many of the same features as our Heavy Duty option, but is slightly smaller. It has a compatible hidden fastener installation process and still yields high holding capacities at 250lbs per square foot at the surface.

Heavy Duty

Top of the line and the strongest on the market. Produced with a high density industrial grade PVC compatible with our hidden fastener installation system. Providing a holding capacity of 300lbs per square foot at the surface.

Customize your tool storage with accessories exclusively designed for your tools

Storage for everyone where there are endless opportunities for your organization

Make time to admire your garden

Spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it. Neatly store all your gardening equipment so there is no more time wasted looking for your garden items. Get everything you need in one place so you can get back to doing the things you love when the sun comes out.

Storage to get you on the road faster

Whether you are a competing cyclist, one who just loves being on the road, or a family with bikes for everyone, we have the perfect storage solution for you. storeWALL has partnered with Steadyrack to create the best space-saving bike storage system out there.

Create a space that motivates you

We all know that exercise is important, so let us help you build a home gym that makes you feel excited about working out in the convenience of your own home. You can create a fitness environment that fits your needs!


Shop our collection of bundles to find the one that fits your storage needs best. Take advice from our organizing experts who have put together the best combination accessories to give you the organized space of your dreams. Let us take the guess work out of organization accessories for you.
Our accessories are the best in the market. Not only do they protect your items but our CamLok keeps them from falling off the wall, protecting your stuff and your floor.

Your space your way

Adding organization to a garden space is more than a dream! Whether you are transforming a full garage or a shed into your dream garden space, our Accessory Bundles make shopping easy.

For those who love adventure

Finding your next adventure takes on a whole new meaning when it takes seconds to find your equipment. If you love the water, the snowy slopes, a quiet stream, or a dangerous cliff, make organizing easy so you can add more spontaneity to your life!

A wall for every project

This is where organization gets FUN! We have color options that bring your style to your space. Don’t forget to think outside the garage – our panels go great with interior spaces too. From pantries, to basements, to kids spaces, we can help you design and organize it all!

Storage with flexibility

Your life changes and so does your storage needs. storeWALL accessories are designed to lock in place yet are completely flexible to change with you and your life. Hanging an accessory is easy – with a quick turn they lock in place protecting your items and the space around them. Need to move them? No problem. Turn the CamLok and your hook releases, giving you complete flexibility.

Final touches

You picked out the perfect wall color and the exact accessories you need to make your space your own. Don’t forget about the final details to finish it off!
Our trim is designed to give your project a finished look at the seams, edges, around outlets, switches, and corners. It will seamlessly match your wall panels and make your space feel complete.