If you own a commercial garage, it’s time to consider a flooring upgrade. Polyurea is becoming one of the leading garage floor coating options and is projected to reach a global market value of $1.2 billion by 2026.

Polyurea is a type of floor coating that offers more strength and durability than the epoxy frequently used by some flooring companies. Making the switch from epoxy to polyurea will produce immediate, improved results.

How would we know? We’ve made the commitment to our quality polyurea floor coatings and our clients are happier for it.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read on for ten unbeatable reasons to choose polyurea for your next garage floor coating installation.

1. True UV Resistance

Most commercial garages have windows or doors that let in direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day. Some garage floor coating materials, like epoxy and certain types of vinyl, are not entirely UV-resistant.

As a result, UV exposure causes these materials to become cloudy and yellow over time, giving the floor a dingy aged appearance. The only way to avoid this outcome is to apply additional materials to the original coating once a year, which is sort of like adding a coating to your coating.

Polyurea doesn’t present that problem. Polyaspartic polyurea coatings are truly UV-resistant, meaning that they won’t fade or become discolored regardless of how much direct sunlight they receive.

2. Water Resistance

Think about how often your garage floor becomes wet. Vehicles track in water on a rainy day, your maintenance team hoses down the floor to keep it clean, and any number of unexpected spills leave behind puddles.

Fortunately, polyurea is water-resistant in addition to UV-resistant. All those puddles and tracks won’t seep into your polyurea coated floor like they would on a more porous or untreated material.

This is important for two reasons. The first is that polyurea won’t start to warp or crack due to water absorption. The second is that water won’t seep through your floors and down into your foundation, which could cause major structural problems that could put your garage out of commission.

3. Defense Against Stains and Chemicals

Water isn’t the only thing that can make its way onto your garage floor. Oil is a major concern in most commercial garages, along with other chemical-based fluids that can leave behind stains and cause early deterioration.

As we mentioned already, polyurea isn’t porous. That means that if one of your cars has an oil leak or you spill transmission fluid while working under the hood, you don’t need to rush to clean it up or do any real damage control. You can simply grab a towel or rag and wipe up the liquid.

This is perhaps one of the most valuable polyurea traits for commercial garage owners. Your commercial garage floor will look good as new despite how much wear and tear it has actually taken on.

4. Quick Installation

Most of the time, renovations and upgrades to your commercial space require you to shut down for at least several days. This can result in a serious loss of profits and send customers elsewhere.

While epoxy and other garage floor coating options can take several days to cure, polyurea takes only a matter of hours. That means that you can schedule your floor coating one and get back to business in the matter of a day or two.

Another perk of polyurea is that it isn’t extremely temperature-sensitive. You can’t cure garage epoxy in temperatures that are too cold or too hot, limiting your installation appointment to certain times of the year. Polyurea will cure in just about any weather, which means that you can schedule your appointment as soon as you need it.

5. Enhanced Durability

Polyurea is the ideal floor coating for any commercial or industrial setting that handles large, heavy vehicles or cargo. That’s because polyurea is one of the most durable floor coating options on the market.

Polyurea is strong and solid but also has the ability to flex with the concrete it’s coating. That means that it won’t crack and will provide protection to the concrete underneath.. Polyurea also won’t bubble or peel in response to extreme temperatures, pressure, or chemicals.

Once you have a polyurea coating, it will be years and years before you need to have it replaced.

6. Easy Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, polyurea is resistant to water, stains, and chemicals. As you can imagine, this makes it extremely easy to keep clean. You won’t need to scrub away for hours at a discolored spot or mop up grit and grime thanks to this non-porous surface.

The best part is that major spills are easy to tackle. Hose them down, dry the floor, and you’re good to go.

Because polyurea also doesn’t peel or bubble, you won’t have to worry about adding new coats or sealants every year or so. That first coat will work wonders for years to come.

7. Customization

At Garage Force, we don’t just provide a high-quality polyurea coating for garages and other commercial properties. We make it easy to customize your coating, ensuring that you’ll find the right colors, shades, textures, and designs for your space.

This is all part of our process. During your consultation, you’ll find out all about our coating systems, which include:

  • the Full Chip System
  • the Medici System
  • the Metallic System
  • the Quartz System
  • the Solid Color System

Each of these coating systems will produce a different aesthetic and finish for your garage floor. We offer more than just practicality. Our work is stunning to look at and will bring your commercial garage to a whole new level of style and appeal.

8. Slip Resistance

If you run a commercial space, you’re no stranger to slip-and-fall accidents. What you may not know is that one in every five slip-and-fall accidents causes serious injuries that require medical treatment and hospitalization. If one of your employees or clients finds themselves in this position, you’re likely to be held liable, and your insurance will have to cover the bill.

Some floor coating systems can decrease the chances of someone slipping and falling on a wet floor. The texture of a polyurea-coated floor can make it slip-resistant, meaning that even if rain or snow is creating puddles in your garage, your employees and customers are safe to walk on your floors.

Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common sources of lawsuits aimed at commercial property owners. Opt for polyurea to eliminate an unnecessary risk.

9. Low Environmental Impact

Many property owners are raising concerns about the environmental impact of traditional garage floor coating materials. Polyurea has a low environmental impact, making it the perfect solution for any property owner looking for ways to go green.

Polyurea does not release CO2 or other harmful gases during production. It also doesn’t contain large amounts of solvents, plasticizers, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can negatively impact air quality. Finally, it doesn’t release dangerous chemicals or gases during the curing process.

Making environmentally conscious decisions for your business benefits the earth and your bottom line. These days, customers want to work with businesses that are making choices that don’t contribute to environmental degradation. Picking a commercial floor coating like polyurea is a great place to start.

10. Low Long-Term Cost

Some people may consider sticking with epoxy because it seems to better suit their garage floor coating budget immediately. Epoxy often costs slightly less per square foot than polyurea.

The reality is, however, that epoxy is lower in cost because epoxy floor coating companies know that you’re going to have to renew your epoxy sooner rather than later. They keep upfront costs low hoping that commercial property owners won’t think about the long-term costs of maintaining and replacing their epoxy coating.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, polyurea is durable and can last for decades. In this time, you may not have to do any maintaining other than simple cleaning. In other words, polyurea might seem to cost more upfront, but it is a much better long-term investment than other floor coating options.

Come to Garage Force for the Best Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

If you own a commercial garage, it’s time to reevaluate the floor coating materials you use. This year, skip the lower-quality coatings and opt for polyurea. As you can see, the benefits truly are unbeatable.

Garage Force is proud to offer customized polyurea floor coating options for all of our customers across the nation. We won’t settle on a final design until you’re happy with how it looks. To schedule your initial consultation, request information about warranties, or discuss costs, contact us today.