Property owners spend nearly $23 billion a year on concrete coating for flooring—and for a good reason.

Manufacturers continually create durable, great-looking concrete coatings. It can prove challenging to figure out the right concrete coating for your home or business.

Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right concrete coating for your flooring.

So Many Choices

Over the last decade, the popularity of concrete garage floor coating has increased considerably. The industry has responded with continuous innovation to meet market demands. Now, there are tons of concrete coating options available.

With so many choices, choosing the right concrete coating can get confusing. What’s more, there are variations within each type of concrete coating. A manufacturer might offer three or four variations of just one type of coating.

Choosing the Right Concrete Coating

There are many applications for concrete coating. Each project requires different concrete coating systems to achieve the result desired by the property owner.

Some projects may even require a combination of coatings for the same concrete floor. It can prove overwhelming to choose the right concrete coating for your home or business as a result.

It helps to understand the characteristics of various concrete floor coverings. It also helps to know the kinds of issues different concrete floor coatings resolve.

Let’s look at a few characteristics of concrete coatings.


The top is the part of concrete coating you see every day. It’s the part of the concrete coating that makes your flooring look outstanding.

You want to get as much as possible from your investment. It’s vital to choose a coating system with a durable topcoat.


Historically, low odor concrete coating meant a water-based covering. Unfortunately, this kind of coating isn’t as flexible as desired.

Luckily, you have much more options today. There are truly innovative concrete coatings available that don’t emit heavy odors. Check with the installer if you’re concerned about potential odors with a concrete coating.


It’s essential to know how long concrete coating installation will take. No property owner wants to go without the use of part of their structure while waiting for concrete coating to dry.

There are several concrete coating options with fast drying times. Make sure to discuss how long the installation will take with your installer.

Tips for Picking the Right Concrete Coating

Make sure your concrete floor is in good condition before mulling over coating choices. It’s critical to ensure your concrete is free from contamination, cracks, and uneven surfaces. These kinds of defects can hinder the binding of new concrete coating.

You should also look for existing wear on your concrete floor. This observation will help you choose a concrete coating with the right chemical properties to protect your floor.

The performance of various concrete coatings varies. An experienced concrete coating provider can help you choose the best coating once you’ve taken these steps.

Now, let’s have a look at different available concrete coatings for your home or business.

Full Chip

Full Chip concrete coating is decorative. It’s a popular choice for protecting concrete.

Also, it cures fast. Full Chip concrete coating is ready to go in as little as one to three hours.

Also, it’s 20 times stronger than epoxy. It also has a slip-resistant surface.

Full Chip concrete coating repels oil, gas, grease—and even salt. It’s ideal for both inside and outside applications.


Medici concrete coating is a polyurea color coating system. It’s available in several decorative finishes. Moreover, it outlasts any acid stain or acrylic concrete coating available.

It only takes a day to install Medici concrete coating. It’s ready for use 24 hours after installation.

The Medici concrete coating color system is ideal for finishing many concrete surfaces in your home or business. These areas might include:

  • Lobbies
  • Office spaces
  • Patios
  • Retail spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Studios

What’s more, Medici concrete coating is easy to maintain. It doesn’t require waxing or re-coating.


Metallic concrete coating is a durable, high-end flooring solution. It’s a powder that creates a flowing, metallic look for your concrete floor.

This flexible coating system is resistant to chemicals and wear. It provides a pearlescent finish that’s luxurious and improves the appearance of any home or business.

You can also opt for an optional clear high-gloss topcoat when choosing this concrete coating. Moreover, it’s nearly indestructible.


Quartz concrete coating is an exceptionally durable covering for your floors. It has a rough texture and extreme abrasion resistance. It meets OSHA slip resistance requirements.

Quartz concrete coating is ideal for homes and industrial settings. These settings include:

  • Auto shops
  • Health clubs
  • Restaurants

We finish off our Quartz concrete coating with a clear anti-slip topcoat. It’s resistant to chemicals and heavy traffic.


Solid concrete coating is another very durable flooring option. It’s available in rich, vibrant colors.

Also, it’s a direct concrete coating system. We can install solid concrete coating in a single coat. Installation takes less than a day.

Also, our solid concrete coating is self-leveling. It’s an ideal choice for heavily damaged floors. You can use it to fill gaps caused by cracking, spalling, or flaking.

Concrete Coating Is Only as Good as the Installer

If you want a durable, beautiful concrete floor, it’s essential to choose a reputable concrete coating installer. At Garage Force, we proudly provide unprecedented service and exemplary workmanship.

We also go the extra mile to provide stand-out products. We’re proud to be the reason you love your garage floor.

Our polyurea concrete coatings are 20 times stronger than epoxy. Also, you can install our concrete coating any time of year, despite the weather.

Feel free to book an appointment today to learn more about protecting and beautifying your concrete flooring.