When you renovate your garage or patio, you can easily increase the aesthetics and durability of your floor by adding a concrete floor coating.

However, there are several different garage floor coating options that you can choose from.

Do you want help choosing the best garage floor coating options for your garage? Keep reading this guide to learn more about the differences between the various concrete garage floor coating options and to see which is the right one for you. 

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

One of the most common types of garage floor coatings is polyurea garage floor coatings. This type of garage floor coating typically includes vinyl flakes which enable you to customize the look of your garage floors.

These are a newer, more popular option than epoxy floors as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of using polyurea garage floor coating!


The biggest advantage of using polyurea garage floor coatings is that they are the most durable option on the market. Unlike other types of coatings, they will not peel, chip, or crack. 

In fact, the polyurea coatings used by Garage Force are about 20 times stronger than traditional epoxy coatings. 

These coatings are also water-resistant, chemical-resistant, and resistant to stains. They will look newer for much longer and will not have any visible deformities. 

Another huge benefit of polyurea coatings is that they cure much more quickly than epoxy. This means the entire process will take about 24 hours, rather than several days to complete. 

Finally, these coatings are also slip-resistant. This makes them a safer alternative to regular garage floors and they can keep you from slipping and falling. This is especially great for businesses, as it will protect them from lawsuits. 


One of the biggest drawbacks of using this type of coating for your floor is the polyurea garage floor coating cost. Polyurea coatings are typically more expensive than epoxy, just because they are much more durable and will last longer. 

However, because they require less upkeep and maintenance, you may save money in the long run when you choose polyurea garage floor coating. 

Epoxy Coatings

Another popular concrete floor coating is epoxy. There are several types of epoxy that you can use, ranging in color and durability. This is one of the most popular options for coating your garage floors, after polyurea. 

Here are some of the drawbacks and advantages of using epoxy floor coatings. 


One huge benefit of epoxy coatings is that they are one of the less expensive options available on the market but they are still quite durable and high quality.

If you want to improve the look of your garage for less money than polyurea coatings cost, you may want to consider epoxy. 

Epoxy, similar to polyurea coatings, is an easy way to bring old pavement and floors back to life. It can be customized to fit your color and style preferences, making it an easy way to improve the aesthetics of your garage. 


One of the biggest disadvantages of using epoxy coatings is that they are not completely UV resistant. This means that continued exposure to the sun may result in epoxy yellowing or fading in color.

Because of this, it is best to use a different coating for outdoor patios or other areas with sun exposure. 

Another drawback is that your epoxy coating may fail if your garage floor is not prepared properly. This is why it is best to have a professional install your garage floor coating, as it will ensure the epoxy bonds correctly. 

Finally, the epoxy coating does not cure as quickly as polyurea. This makes it a much more time-consuming process that can take several days to complete. 

Painted Concrete

Finally, another option to improve the appearance of your garage floor is with painted concrete.

While this is much less durable than polyurea or epoxy coatings, there are still some benefits of using this. Here are the top pros and cons of painting your concrete.


First, painted concrete is a better option if you are looking for a DIY project that will help you save money. It is a simple project that you can typically do on your own.

It is also the cheapest option, even though it may require frequent reapplication. Because you can buy the paint and apply it on your own, you will not have to spend as much money as you would with other garage floor coatings.


The biggest disadvantage of painted concrete is that they are not durable. While other types of garage floor coatings will last for years without scratches or other problems, painted concrete is of lower quality and will not last as long. 

This means that it will more easily chip and peel. 

Another drawback is that painted concrete offers the least amount of protection. It will stain easily and will not protect your garage floor, especially in high-traffic areas. 

Find The Best Garage Floor Coating Companies Today

Finding the right garage floor coating can seem overwhelming. There are many different ways that you can protect your floors, each with different benefits and disadvantages.

However, by learning more about each of these concrete coating options, you can choose the right one for your home. 

Are you looking for a reliable company to help with your garage floor coating installation? Garage Force can help! We offer several types of polyurea garage floor coatings that will help improve the aesthetics and durability of your garage floor. 

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