For years, epoxy coating has made floors look great. But now, options like polyurea coating easily beat out epoxy, giving clients the best bang for their buck.

If you know this, then you understand how important the optimal finish is. This understanding is exactly why hiring a professional service is vital.

So while skepticism of professional service costs might come easy, these costs stem from years of training and experience. These years ensure that by hiring their services, you save money and time.

Want to learn more? Then keep reading. We’ll key you in on 6 benefits of hiring professional floor coating services for commercial buildings.

1. Floor Longevity

A floor with a fresh new coat looks great, but its benefits don’t stop at aesthetics. Not only do they wow onlookers, but they also protect the material underneath — up to ten years, in fact!.

For porous floors, this matters doubly. Materials like wood need coating to prevent mold and mildew on top of the usual wear and tear. And since they’re such popular options, there’s a high chance that you’ll need the service eventually.

But even floors without porous materials experience wear and tear. Give it enough time, and your floors will look rough no matter how hard you go at them with your lemon-scented floor cleaner.

2. Warranties

You might be wondering how long a professional floor coating job lasts. But while a professional service guarantees the best results, it doesn’t eliminate every chance of damage.

That doesn’t mean that the coating job was imperfect or that the materials were not of high quality. Instead, residents might scrape some furniture too hard against the floor or drop something sharp. Or perhaps temperatures fluctuated a lot, decreasing the lifespan of this floor coating job.

For this reason, you should always hire a professional that offers warranties. Doing so ensures that you’re not financially liable for whatever damage happens during that warranty period. This way, you know that a) the professional in question will do their best work and b) a few scratches on the floor won’t empty your pockets.

3. Safety

The consequences of a bad coating job can get pretty hazardous. Floor coating materials are meant to last, which is great for your floors. But it’s certainly not great for your skin, and can land you with a hospital bill.

It doesn’t really matter how careful you are. Without the skills and experience of a professional, it’s hard to get great results — and safely.

If there’s anything you should never compromise on, it’s your own health and safety. Avoid every risk associated with DIY floor coatings by hiring a professional. They’ll ensure that your floors are done with speed, ease, and proper caution.

4. Professional Finish

If you’re coating office floors, then professional services are essential. But even if you’re an everyday homeowner, DIY floor coatings will cost more money than they save.

While no non-expert should attempt a floor coating, it’s especially problematic for complete novices to attempt one. There are many different types of floor coatings and floor coating tools that affect the outcome of a single service. 

So while you might be tempted to save on your floor coating budget, this isn’t a good way to cut costs. In fact, fixing your mistakes will cost much more than hiring a professional in the first place would have. Not only would you have to pay for repairs and maintenance, but you’d also be exhausted and stressed out through the attempt. 

5. Proper Equipment

Part of being a professional is having professional tools. This means using industry-standard materials and equipment that would be too expensive/impractical for the everyday user.

This equipment will result in a better and quicker job. So instead of slaving away at the office floors for days with unpromised results, you could hire a professional who understands how to use the best equipment the best way.

Not only that, but professionals will also know to use just enough product. They understand how many coats result in the desired finish and have the finesse to carry out this vision.

For a novice, it can be confusing to understanding the products at all. Understanding how much to use and how to use it? Those are two skills that take years of experience for most professionals to internalize.

6. Professional Perspective

A coating technician isn’t just someone that does the job. Since they’ve performed this service so many times, they’re also someone with an eye for aesthetics.

While they won’t replace a full-on design consultant, they can give you the best tips and advice when it comes to your floors. They’ll let you know how good your vision looks and even offer some invaluable pointers themselves.

Of course, this is optional as many clients prefer a quick, breezy service. But if you’ve got bigger plans, don’t be afraid to brainstorm with the professional on-site.

7. Eco-Friendliness

If you’re worried about the environment, then that’s a sure reason to opt for a professional service. Professional materials and equipment are much more eco-friendly than everyday tools and materials.

That’s because these tools are very energy-efficient. A quality spray painting service will always meet the industry standard, and that includes using the most modern tools within the industry. So when you invest in great floor coating services, you’re investing in a lower carbon footprint.

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When it comes to your floors, it’s important that they last and look great. But don’t start compromising when it comes to selecting your service — it’ll matter to your building’s residents and your business’s budget for years to come.

At Garage Force, we know what kinds of tough conditions our floors face. That’s why we provide modern floor coating services that are much more effective than a traditional epoxy coating, giving you a far better investment. If that sounds great to you, book an appointment with us today!