Has your garage become a life-size extension of your junk drawer? Garages often become a catch-all for everything—spare cans of food, gasoline cans, tools that haven’t been used in ten years, and more.

Rather than being a tidy place to store your car, or a fun hangout to work on projects, some garages are a disaster. What’s the best way to fix that? Organization techniques obviously help, but what about some fun garage renovation ideas?

We’ve assembled a guide to 7 garage renovation ideas that can help you achieve the makeover of your dreams while making the best use out of the space you have.

1. Change It Up 

One of the best ideas for a one car garage makeover is using the space as a laundry room or gym. Both rooms require equipment and take up a lot of space in your house.

From the clanging of dumbbells to the churning noise of a washing machine, they’re both noisy and disruptive to your home. 

If you install a laundry room, this gives you more space to knock out the wall of the original laundry room in your home. Or, if you don’t have a laundry room, you can stop schlepping all of your family’s clothing to the laundry mat.

Of course, this is likely too technical for a DIY project. You’ll need someone to move the washer and dryer in, install correct plumbing and vents, and do the electrical work necessary to support such large appliances.

2. Install A Home Gym

If that sounds a little too complicated, the gym idea could save tons of time and money. Traveling to a gym and paying for a membership can eat up your spending money and your free time.

Depending on the hours that your gym is open, it might be challenging to fit it in. If you have a home gym, then you’ll no longer have that concern.

To convert your garage into a home gym, think about what you’ll need. What is the weather like where you live? If it gets very hot or very cold, you’ll need to have someone install an HVAC unit and proper ventilation. 

You’ll also need a proper garage floor makeover. This can be a great renovation idea all on its own.

3. Floor Renovation 

Protecting your concrete floor is important. While epoxy coatings are a common solution, they fade quickly and often bubble up while drying. 

What’s the best solution? POLYUREA coatings. Since this floor coating is resistant to stains and sun damage, it’s perfect for a garage floor. It also doesn’t have the same bubbling issue as epoxy.

Since polyurea will be used on your garage floor, its ability to resist chemical damage and scrapes is also another plus in our book!

4. Create A Studio 

Out of all the garage remodel ideas, a studio might be the most fun! In the past year, many of us crammed our entire lives into four walls.

Now that the world is reopening, the last thing you may want to do is spend more time at home. But if a library or a Starbucks isn’t very conducive to your creative endeavors, what can you do?

Sometimes, all you need is a mental switch. A little change of scenery can be all it takes, which is what the best garage remodel ideas are for!

Depending on the size of your garage, you may be able to add some walls to block off your studio from the parked car. If you plan on spending lots of time out there, you may need to hire a contractor to install central heating and ventilation.

Consider the needs of your hobby or profession, too. As a writer, you might not need running water in your studio. But if you’re a painter or a sculptor, this could very well be necessary!

5. A Storage Room

Maybe you have no need for a studio or a home gym. Why not embrace the way your garage is right now?

Even if it’s a mess, some good garage makeover ideas can help inspire you to find a method in the madness. For instance, if you have lots of tools hanging around, hire a contractor to install vertical storage solutions.

Or, have them craft some cupboards for an extension of your pantry. Depending on how your garage is built, your remodel might just include storage solutions to help you categorize your items so you can find them easily later.

6. Turn It Into A Showroom 

Garage renovation companies have the knowledge and resources necessary to make your most farfetched dreams a reality. One of these dreams might be showcasing your pride and joy: cars.

If you like to work on your cars, why subject yourself to laying on a concrete floor and making the most of a cramped, chaotic space?

With the right garage renovation company, you can install equipment worthy of a professional mechanic. This gives you the chance to work on your cars in a sheltered environment with all the tools you could need or want.

However, you might not be interested in a functional space. Instead, if your garage is big enough, why not turn it into a showroom?

This option could include a marbled floor, high-quality lighting, rotating pedestals, and anything else that your imagination and budget can accommodate. The showroom option might work better for a multi-car garage, but you could make it work even if you have a single classic car!

7. Turn It Into A Workstation

In the tradition of American suburbia, a garage is where you do anything from changing the oil to building a birdhouse to airing up a bicycle tire. If that’s what you want to use your garage for, then you need a workspace.

Start by installing appropriate storage solutions, as mentioned above. But once that’s done, you can install workbenches, worktables, and more. When you have the right spaces for the job, you can do your job more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Picking Perfect Garage Renovation Ideas 

When it comes to garage renovation ideas, starting with the foundation is important. A good floor coating that will preserve your concrete floor is the basis of any other makeover.

If you’re interested in a sun-resistant, damage-proof floor renovation, contact us today! We’re happy to help.