Do you have a garage that you don’t really use? Is it full of unorganized stuff that you haven’t found a better place for?

Well, you’re not alone. 63% of houses now have garages or carports, and far from all of them are used for parking cars. So what’s the point of letting all that extra space go to waste? Well, it doesn’t have to.

We happen to know exactly how to customize garage spaces for whatever your needs are, so how about some free advice?

1. Customize Garage Space With a Custom Workshop

To do this, you don’t need 5 benches, lathes, surface planers, and every tool imaginable. This can be designed specifically to fit your needs and interests.

Whether you’re a master woodworker, you like to sew, you work on vintage cars, or you have a passion for leather branding, a garage is a perfect place to set up shop. Regardless of the passion, you can make this space into a production factory.

There are plenty of garage workshop ideas for you to consider, but you know what’s right for you. Any of them can bring a lot of joy to your extra space at home. If you make crafts, you could even consider selling your products on Etsy for a profitable side gig.

2. Organized Storage

Now, this is a common one, but for good reason. There is one problem with houses; they never have enough storage. As the old saying goes, no matter how big the backpack, you’ll always fill it up. 

We’ve all seen a messy garage in our lifetimes, so make sure you’re using the right organizational system to avoid that fate.

Whether it’s for lawn equipment, books, or miscellaneous stuff you use around the house, not everybody wants or has the room for a shed or extra storage. If the garage is already there, why not use it?

Using bins, totes, shelves and whatever you can get your hands on, you can organize everything up against the walls, leaving you with open space and a perfect view of all your belongings.

The only thing tricky with this is that garages are prone to harsher weather conditions than the rest of your home because they usually aren’t as well insulated. Just make sure you have the proper flooring and sealant in your garage to avoid moisture damage, and this will be the perfect place to store all your stuff!

The best part about this idea is that if you keep it to a minimum and use verticle storage like shelving or cabinets, you still have lots of open space to still use any of the other ideas on the list!

3. Hobby Room

Do you play an instrument? What better place is there to rock out than in a wide-open, secluded, acoustically-rich garage space? Not only that, but plenty of wall space to put your guitars or other instruments up on display.

Do you love to paint? Well, the giant space offered in your garage acts as a perfect studio to not only paint but to display all of your work and store all of your supplies.

If you’re a skier, a hiker, a biker, a photographer, or even a rock collecter, those things come with stuff and lots of it. Keep it all in one place with your own hobby room! 

4. Man/Woman Cave

Looking for a place to just get away without actually having to go anywhere? Use your extra garage space for a hang-out spot with your friends away from the family.

Run a cable extension into the garage and make sure your WiFi reaches out there. Add a couch and a space heater, and you’re good to go all year!

However, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can go as big as you want. Add some insulation, paint the floors and walls, add a refrigerator, a sink, or whatever you want. Turn it into a studio apartment if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s your garage. Make it express you with your own aesthetic, your own equipment, and your own touch.

Regardless of how simple or big the project, don’t forget the most important piece; a sign saying who’s not allowed in your cave hanging on the door!

5. Make It a Play Room

Do you have children? Well, you can easily turn your garage into a playroom. Again, make sure you have proper insulation and flooring, but once you have that, this can make a wide-open space with endless possibilities for your little ones.

You can add so much to this, especially for the winter! Add a slide, a small jungle gym, or even a rock wall to keep your kids active in an open space, especially during the cold months of the year.

There are endless ideas for this, and if you’re interested, your children will certainly have plenty of ideas for what you can put in there. And no, ponies don’t go in garages.

This acts as a safe, closeby option for your little ones, and it can even keep those toys you’re always stepping on contained in one room! If that doesn’t sell you, then nothing will.

Get Started Today!

The thing about a customized garage is that it’s all about you and what you want. If something on this list sparked a completely new idea for you, and that’s what will make you happy, then there’s no time like the present to get started. 

One thing is certain though, garages need to have the right flooring. Check out our process to learn more before you get started on your newest project, and keep up to date with the latest trends!