According to a study by the Chamberlain Group, over 50 percent of homeowners use their garage as the main entryway into their homes.



When you use your garage so often, you want to make sure it is durable and looks nice. Do you want to learn more about the advantages of polyurea garage floor coatings and how they can improve your garage? 



Keep reading our guide to the best polyurea garage floor coatings and more.



What Is Polyurea Coating?



Polyurea is a material that is a subset of polyurethane. It is a very durable material that is used to coat and seal garage floors. Because it is durable, it lasts longer than traditional coatings, is scratch-resistant, and easy to install.



Essentially, polyurea is a coating that bonds to the moisture in your concrete garage floors to create a barrier that protects against scratches, the weather, and other things that can damage your garage floor. 



Advantages of Using Polyurea



There are many polyurea benefits that make it a great option to use on your garage floor! 



First, it is entirely UV resistant. This means that it is still an excellent option for places that are in the sun. Unlike some other garage floor coatings, polyurea won’t change color or fade over time. 



Another benefit is that it is resistant to many materials. For example, it is highly moisture-resistant.



Because concrete is porous, any water in your garage can seep into your concrete. This can eventually cause your foundations to crack and break down. However, coating your garage floor with polyurea prevents these issues.



This means that polyurea protects your garage floor and can prevent it from breaking down or wearing out. 



Polyurea coatings are also resistant to chemicals and other stains. While things like oil and other common items in a garage can stain your floor, cleaning up a polyurea-coated floor is much easier. 



Another benefit of polyurea coatings is that they are very quick to install. If you are looking for a quick solution to improving your garage, you should consider finding a company to help you install this garage floor coating.



Finally, polyurea is very durable and long-lasting. This kind of coating can last for decades and is a much less expensive alternative to other floor maintenance and restoration types. If you use polyurea to coat your garage floors, they will look brand new for years to come.



Polyurea Costs



The cost for polyurea floor coatings will largely depend on how large your garage floor will cost. Typically, the company that does your polyurea coating will charge by square foot. Generally, it costs about $5 to $7 per square foot. 



If you are looking for a good price to get polyurea coating on your garage floor, it can be helpful to shop around! Often, companies will offer free estimates for how much it will cost you. 



Uses for Polyurea



Polyurea for garage floors is one of the most common uses for polyurea, but there are many other uses for polyurea. Often they are used to protect different surfaces. For example, it is used in the manufacturing industry, it is used to protect pipelines from corrosion in the water industry, and it is even used as linings for aquariums. 



Because it is so durable, it works for water containment and other types of storage. 



Polyurea vs. Epoxy



Polyurea and epoxy are both used to coat garage floors and cement. Epoxy used to be the most popular choice for garage floor coatings, but polyurea is taking over! Here are a few of the main differences between polyurea and epoxy. 



First and foremost, polyurea is much stronger than epoxy coatings! Polyurea is a flexible material. This means that it can move with the concrete rather than getting damaged by changes in weight or temperature.



This means that polyurea coating is a great option for places with extreme weather where the concrete may expand or contract. It is also great if you have heavy items that you store in your garage



Another difference between these two materials is how fast they take to install and cure. Polyurea garage floor coatings cure much faster. When you use epoxy coatings, it can allow bubbles to form while it is curing.



This will leave your garage floor looking less professional.



Polyurea garage floor coatings are also much faster to install. Rather than waiting several days to use your garage when you use epoxy, polyurea coatings are complete within one day.



Another difference in installation is that epoxy floors have to be installed at certain temperatures. It can be difficult to install them in the spring or fall when the weather fluctuates. 



However, polyurea can be installed at almost any temperature!



While there are many benefits for both epoxy and polyurea garage floor coatings, polyurea is a clear winner! If you are looking for a low-maintenance garage floor coating that will last for many years, polyurea garage floor coatings are a great option!



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