Did you know, a lack of a garage or a dilapidated one can reduce property value by up to $10,000? This makes garage maintenance and renovation a top priority. Starting that process begins with knowing the value a new floor coating can add.

As well as looking great, the right coating can add valuable extra protection. Read on as we discuss what you need to consider before getting a new garage floor coating. 

Do You Know the Installation Process?

It is important to know the installation process, as you need to know the methods being used to reinforce and protect your floor. In addition, you will need to know what you can and can not do while the process is taking place. The process will also take time and need a drying period, leaving the area out of bounds for a specified period. 

A good installation expert should be able to describe the process. They should then tell you how to maintain the flooring and its level of stain resistance. They will also be able to discuss a range of finishes and colors with you. 

The Current Condition

A full assessment of the floor must take place prior to any additional coatings, or even discussion with an expert on quotes. Previous coatings and toppings can reap havoc with newer ones. As such, they must be removed before work begins. 

Your floor may also contain laitance, which is a less stable layer of cement. This will also require removal.

Any areas that are chipping away or structurally weak must also be repaired before adding the coating. If a coating sits on top of a degrading surface, it will continue to degrade unless fixed. An epoxy or polyurea flooring filler can do this job, plugging cracks in the surface.

Pitted areas will also require filling. If you have large areas of staining or uneven concrete, then a grinder should be brought in to remove most of the top layer. 

Cleaning the Concrete

Oil, chemicals, and ground-in dirt on the surface can stop a floor coating from having the necessary adhesion. This means they need to be cleaned thoroughly. This can involve the use of a vacuum, mopping, and cleaning agents.  

How Much Moisture Do You Have In the Garage?

Moisture can cause a lot of problems when applying a coating. Humidity in the air can absorb into the concrete and interfere with the bonding process. 
This means that the installation must take place on a day with low humidity levels.

Other conditions, such as the amount of sun, could impact the application. Measurements of the air will result in either the commencement of the installation or a short delay. 

If you are in an area that naturally contains a lot of moisture, coating your floor may require extra work. However, you can get a number of primers designed for moist areas which may work. In areas like this, a process that uses a second layer to block out moisture is definitely advised. 

How Durable Is the Garage Floor Coating?

Different floor coatings have varying levels of durability. The last thing you want is to spend money on a floor coating, only to find that it starts to deteriorate within the next few years. 

Many epoxy flooring coats tends to yellow over time. This can cause a very undesirable, aged look on your floor. A polyurea coating that is resistant to UV light will last much longer and is essential if your garage floor will often face direct sunlight. 

In addition to this, you need a coating that resists stains, especially if you use the garage for anything other than vehicle storage. The material should also resist scrapes, high temperatures, and most chemical corrosion.

What Will the Finish Be Like?

After the layer of protection added, you need to know what the finish will be like. In fact, the main reason for getting a coating is probably to improve the look of the area. 

There are many DIY epoxy flooring kits on the market. They may look great to begin with, but will quickly yellow and deteriorate. Very often, bubbles also form in them as they are not properly applied, damaging the aesthetic even further. 

A professional application will have two layers added to the floor, preventing moisture from entering. This will stop bubbling in the coating. 

After this, you need to know what the color choices are. Take into account the color of your fittings and the color of any vehicles inside the garage. By tying them together in a color theme, you will create a much more harmonious appearance. 

How Is It Maintained?

A good quality garage floor coating should allow you to easily wipe up spillages, protecting against harsh chemicals. A coating with a smooth surface and added topcoat will be easy to do this on. 

Apart from this, a good floor coating will only require routine maintenance. Sweeping or a vacuum followed by a hose down can be done regularly. Once a year, it may require a more vigorous scrub using cleaning products recommended by your installation expert. 

Finding an Expert

Now you know what to consider when you install a garage floor coating, you just need to provide a professional service to do it. Check reviews and ratings in the local area, or ask others who have had similar work done for recommendations. 

When choosing experts, Garage Force should be your first stop. Our floor coatings are of the highest quality and use a two-layered polyurea system. Click here to locate your nearest branch, and let us reinvigorate your garage floor starting today!