Your deck, patio, and garage are all great opportunities to create more living space. To help you maximize the outdoors, we’ll go over some of the best deck maintenance tips.

Coating your concrete patio, walkout basement, pool deck, and the garage is one of the best ways to protect your floors. Think of this as your go-to guide to making the most of indoor and outdoor living.

1. Re-Coat Your Patio

One of the best winter deck maintenance tips to follow is to make sure your concrete patio is properly sealed. This will help protect your patio throughout the seasons. Polyurea coatings are stronger than epoxy.

These coatings won’t yellow, fade, or lose color in the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They will also help block water from seeping into your concrete. The coating dries quickly, preventing bubbles and imperfections.

One of the best parts of the coating is that it stops scratches, chips, and temperature cracks from happening. You’ll be able to enjoy your patio without worrying about chipping it or weather damage.

A coating system also adds style and beauty to your outdoor space. These come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to match any décor. Your patio will be transformed from a concrete slab into a beautiful extension of your home.

2. Create a New Entertainment Space

The more you maintain your outdoor space, the more use you’ll get out of it. Floor coatings help to extend your living space beyond the interior of your house. You’ll add hundreds of square feet onto your home when you invest a little outside.

Your home has a lot of untapped potentials if you aren’t utilizing the outdoors. Your garage, patio, deck, or pool area can all act as additional space to entertain. A new polyurea coating will give your outdoor space an entirely new look. 

You can give your pool area, patio, or garage floor a luxurious design that will wow guests. Not only will it look great, but it will also keep your concrete lasting longer.

Any investment you make outside or in your garage is money well spent. Potential home buyers will pay top dollar for great outdoor space. It’s as if you’ve added an addition to your home.

Guests, family, and friends will also love the look of your beautiful new floor space. In a garage, you’ll be able to host parties and gatherings regardless of the weather.

On your pool deck or patio, a new floor coating will give your home a luxurious spa-like feel. And the best part is, you’ll get to enjoy your outdoor space, every day of the year.

3. Update Your Garage

Your garage is full of potential. If you’re looking to add more square footage or outdoor space to your home, don’t underestimate the garage. Not only does it house your cars, but it can also serve as a multi-purpose room.

With a new polyurea floor coating, your garage floor is protected from the elements and anything life throws at it. No need to worry about car oil, spilled drinks, or kids scratching the floor. 

Your garage is the perfect place for a workout space, home office, party room, or workshop. The garage is a great way to incorporate indoor and outdoor living into your home.

Because the coatings come in such a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors, each will give your garage a unique flare. Think of all the additional uses you can have in your garage space.

Whether you want to host a party, family gathering, or just use it to gain more living space, the possibilities are endless with the right garage maintenance and updates. You’ll also see a nice return on your investment when it comes to the garage. 

4. New Deck Maintenance Tips

With a new deck, you’ll want to be especially careful to protect it. Whether you are installing new wood, polishing concrete, or laying a paver patio, a little preventative maintenance will keep your new deck looking new for longer.

If you’re installing a new concrete patio or pool deck, a protective coating is a must. Not only do these look incredible, but they also help to protect your new investment. These coatings will protect against the elements as well as water, cracks, and UV rays. 

5. Wood Deck Maintenance Tips

In terms of fall deck maintenance tips, staining regularly will protect your wood and surfaces. Wood will warp and fade over time if you leave it unprotected.

Every couple of years, resealing and staining your wood will help keep it lasting longer. The updated color will also give it a fresher appearance. This will also prevent splinters and cracks from forming.

With pets, children, and bare feet, it’s important to keep up sealing and staining. Some of the best winter deck maintenance tips include a fresh sealer and stain in the spring or fall to keep it protected all winter long.

For furniture in the winter months, you can cover them with furniture covers or take them into a garage or shed. This will keep your furniture covered and protected from the snow, rain, and colder temperatures.

6. Walk-Out Basement Ideas

When it comes to your basement floors, you can create a beautiful, finished basement using a polyurea coating. In a walkout basement, a sliding door or French door will help to bridge indoor and outdoor living.

If you choose polished concrete, your floor will be able to handle sandy feet, pool water, muddy boots, and pets. You can carry the cohesive look from the basement all the way to your concrete patio or pool deck.

You can create a beautiful indoor and outdoor space for hanging out, entertaining, and lounging. Walk-out basements easily allow for indoor access while keeping the party flowing through multiple areas.

To keep everything well maintained during the winter months, use a coating on the basement floor and concrete patio. Unlike wood, you won’t have to stain it or seal it again for years. It’s virtually indestructible.

Deck Maintenance Tips

These deck maintenance tips will help keep your patios, concrete, and garage floors in the best shape possible. No matter what your life or Mother Nature throws at these beautiful floor coatings, your investment will be well protected.

If you’re ready to talk to a floor coating specialist, fill out the contact form here to find your location and book an appointment. You’ll be one step closer to a beautiful new outdoor or indoor space.