According to psychological experts, a messy home can increase stress levels and make it difficult to control impulses.

You may experience these mental health issues if your metallic floor quickly becomes poor in quality. To avoid feeling this way, it’s a good idea to get a new Garage Force metallic floor coating that meets your needs. 

However, you may not know which metallic floor coating would be best for you. If so, read on. You’ll learn some tips for choosing the right garage floor coating for you. 

Why Choose a Metallic Coating? 

Metallic floor coatings give a rich, sophisticated finish to any floor in your home. While typically a more expensive option than a full chip coating system, the artistry and beauty of a metallic floor coating makes it a perfect option for entryways, showrooms, and living spaces.

With a metallic floor coating system, it always starts with the right base. Polyurea based systems provide some amazing benefits, and many people find epoxy inferior to polyurea

Polyurea also beats epoxy when it comes to longevity. Epoxy-based systems can start to deteriorate in as little as three to five years. In contrast, a polyurea-based coating system has a lifespan of over 15 years. 

One way that epoxy can beat polyurea is through the cost. Epoxy costs from $3 to $12 per square foot and polyurea from $7 to $15. However, the benefits that a polyurea coating can bring to your garage floor can be worth the price. 

Why Choose a Metallic Floor Coating Over Others?

To choose between metallic floor coatings and others, you need to consider aesthetics. While there are other polyurea coating options, these may not be the best for your home. 

Metallic floor coatings are made to resemble metal or natural stone. This is done by mixing a metal-colored pigment in the resin. There are also some other objects you can have placed in the resin, as will be described further below. 

There are a variety of metallic color options you can choose from. Therefore, you can probably make the color of your floor complement that of your walls according to color theory. However, metallic may not match the overall “feel” you want to have in your home. 

Metal can bring to mind an industrial feel. You may or may not want your home to have this feel, though many do. However, metallic floor coatings can incorporate multiple different colors to create a more inviting appearance, sometimes mimicking marble or natural stone flooring.

What Are the Options for Metallic Floor Coatings? 

There are many gorgeous options for metallic floor coatings. Beyond using a single metallic color, you can use several colors. This can create a more exciting effect, but be sure to use proper color theory so that your floor colors complement your wall colors. 

Keep in mind, though, that a garage floor with aggregate and/or full chip systems works best. If you’re seeking out the best coating system for your garage floor, this may not be the right floor style for you. Metallic floor coatings generally work best for interior spaces.

How to Choose Between Metallic Garage Floor Coating Products? 

Beyond the pattern and color, you also need to consider the different features and quality levels of garage floor coating products. Most manufacturers should have descriptions that describe each product’s lifespan, strengths, and so on. Strengths can include resistance to different chemicals and temperatures.

Along with reading the descriptions, make sure to look at different customer reviews. Sites like Amazon will have reviews from customers under the product images and descriptions. You can also look at review articles from experts in the industry. 

Be cautious when you look at these reviews, though. Some brands can pay for batches of good reviews. If some reviews seem suspicious, such as they don’t seem very descriptive, you may want to avoid that brand.

You can then consider your own needs and situation to help you choose between different coating products. Think about things such as your budget, area’s climate, level of traffic, and ability to recoat your floor. 

Choose Us to for Your Metal Concrete Garage Floor Coating Systems 

It may take a fair amount of time to choose the right metallic floor coating for you. If this frustrates you, try to remember that it will be worth the patience. You should end up with a floor coating that’s beautiful and practical. 

However, you’re more likely to get such a floor coating if you hire professionals to apply the coating. That’s where we come in.

We’re a leader in floor coating installation across the country. Each metallic coating system we offer provides a durable finished floor that is easy to maintain. Find an installer and book an appointment whenever you need us.