Picture this: you invest in building the patio of your dreams only to feel like something isn’t right when you finally get to enjoy the space.

Whether it’s the size, set up, furniture, or something else, you will undoubtedly want to fix it right away. So instead of wasting time backtracking your design decisions, why not make the right ones in the first place?

Continue reading to learn about six common patio design mistakes so you can do your best to avoid them and fall in love with your patio right from the start!

1. Not Having the Right Amount of Space

There are countless patio design ideas out there, but one thing that varies greatly is the amount of space you’ll end up with.

Some people prefer smaller, more intimate patios because they require less furniture to fill them. Other people have to have a smaller patio due to the lack of space in their yard.

Having a more extensive patio might seem like a good idea if you have the option, but if you make it too big, you can end up with a lot of wasted space. Or you might find yourself needing to invest in bigger, more expensive pieces of furniture.

This is why it’s best to map out the size of your patio before making any final decisions on dimensions. Try marking in your yard different patio sizes and seeing which one looks best while still allowing you the room you want for furniture and decor.

2. Sacrificing Your Design Style

When choosing furniture for patios, you don’t want to opt for the cheapest items. This can lead you to pick styles that don’t match your preferences at all. 

Plus, the cheapest outdoor furniture usually doesn’t last long in the long run. So you’ll end up spending more money replacing it than you would have purchased some mid-range furniture.

Above all, a good plan is to choose furniture made with durable materials and look for less expensive decorations since these items see less use. And remember, your patio doesn’t have to be the same design as the interior of your home.

The outdoor space can be an extension of your home or its own separate oasis! The choice is yours – be creative.

3. Not Using Proper Lighting

Many homes have one overhead light for the yard so people can see what they’re doing outside. You might think this light will be enough, but you really need designated outdoor patio lighting.

There are many options for outdoor lights ranging from string lights to solar-powered lights you stick in the ground. The lights you choose can completely transform the look of your outdoor space, so choose wisely.

Overall you want things to be lit up enough for people to move around safely. But having too many lights can be a problem too.

Relaxing outside on summer nights with a fire pit can be ruined if it’s so bright it looks like daytime out. Try to strike a balance and opt for warmer lights whenever possible.

4. Not Sealing/Coating the Patio

Patios are most often made of concrete, a material that is strong but not immune to everyday wear and tear. For example, over time, cracks might form for a variety of different reasons.

You might notice spills leaving stains or other imperfections too.

The best way to prevent these issues is by sealing or coating your patio, much like you would seal a concrete garage floor. Sealing it can protect it from sun damage, cracks, stains, and scrapes. 

This will keep your patio looking fresh and new for years to come. Plus, many coating options come in various colors and finishes, so this is just one more way to add a personal touch if you want to add a pop of color to your outdoor space!

5. Not Making Use of Decorations

A patio without patio accessories and decorations can end up looking a bit bland. 

Even something as simple as putting a throw rug down can make the space more inviting. Adding outdoor plants, candles, and patterned pillows are other simple ways to decorate the area without going overboard.

You want to strike a balance between adding to the decor and putting so much that it makes the space feel suffocating. Try starting with a few staple pieces and adding more if you feel the space calls for it.

6. Arranging Your Furniture Poorly

We mentioned earlier how important it is to pick high-quality furniture, but it’s just as important to pay attention to how you arrange it.

You want to start by making sure you have enough seating when you have guests over. Carefully consider how many people you typically have over at a time, and make sure there’s seating for your entire family and all the guests.

You don’t want anyone to get stuck standing or sitting on the ground if they don’t want to.

When it comes time to arrange the furniture, make sure there’s enough room for people to get up comfortably. And there should be space for people to walk around without stumbling. 

One final thing to consider is making sure people will be able to see and hear others from where they’re sitting. You don’t want all the furniture in a cluster with a few chairs off to the side. Having multiple seating areas arranged works well if you want people to be able to have separate conversations.

Avoid These Patio Design Mistakes to Truly Enjoy Your Time Outside

Having a patio installed and purchasing the furniture to get it ready to use is an investment. 

You undoubtedly want your money to be well spent. The key is avoiding the patio design mistakes mentioned here and focusing on crafting a comfortable, well decorated, and appropriately sized outdoor space.

A big part of hitting the mark includes finishing your patio, so it lasts the test of time and doesn’t end up damaged, detracting from the rest of the space. Contact us today to learn more about your options so we can help you finish the patio of your dreams!