There were over 728 million professional household projects completed in 2021. Homeowners from all over the country were upgrading and adding value to their houses. Many chose to focus on remodeling their garage. 

Have you considered remodeling your garage but aren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for garage remodel ideas to enhance your home?

The following guide will explain the most important steps to remodel a garage that you should know. Read on for residential garage remodel tips to get the job done right.

Improve Your Garage Flooring

Garages typically have concrete flooring that tends to crack over time. It’s also common for garage floors to have unsightly oil and grease stains. Concrete can look pretty unappealing even when it’s in good condition.

Consider resurfacing your garage floors and painting or coating them. For example, installing polyurea coatings adds stain resistance, durability, and provides a very sleek look.

Coatings come in many different styles and colors to fit your personal taste. Preparation and installation usually only take about 24 hours to complete.

Some people add foam floor mats in their garage for a less permanent flooring solution. They may help prevent damages to concrete floors and are initially more affordable than coating options.  However, the life span of floor mats won’t compare to a high-quality concrete coating.

Finish the Walls

If your garage still has exposed framing studs, adding drywall is a simple way to clean up and finish the space.  Also, painting the walls in your garage is easy and instantly adds style to the space. You can match the color of the walls to the floor for a more uniform look.

Some garages have concrete walls but you can still paint them or add new walls. Consider bright colors to lighten up your garage and workspaces. 

Insulate Your Garage

It’s important to insulate a garage whether it’s attached or detached from your home.

Detached garages benefit from insulation because they’re separate from the home’s heating and cooling system. They’re also more exposed to extreme temperatures.

Garages that are attached share walls and floors/ceilings with different rooms in homes. Insulating the garage helps regulate the temperature in those rooms. This helps conserve energy and reduce utility bills each month.

Insulate both the walls and roof of your garage. Some garage doors are insulated, but you might need to upgrade to a newer model. Insulation is especially important when converting a garage into a living space.

Add a Loft and Storage

Adding a loft is a great garage remodel idea to maximize space. It allows you to have more room to park vehicles and adds an area for storage. You can also add cabinets to the main area or loft to help organize and maximize your space even further.

Garage lofts can also function as an extra bedroom, office, or any other living space. It’s like adding a brand new room above your garage, and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Add Windows To Your Garage

Garages are often dark and lack natural light. That can make it difficult to work on vehicles, projects, or even access storage. Installing windows adds natural light and curb appeal to your home.

Adding windows to a garage even helps circulate air. Opening the windows lets in the fresh air and prevents the space from becoming stuffy.

You might even upgrade your garage door to one with glass panes rather than adding traditional windows.

Ready to Remodel a Garage?

These ideas are just a few simple ways to remodel a garage and add storage. Remember that flooring, paint, insulation, and windows will affordably and quickly upgrade any garage.

Feel free to book an appointment with Garage Force to explore great flooring and storage options today!