Are you looking for different ways to add value to your home? Do you want to bring your outdoor patio to life? If so, then you need to start by finding the right kind of patio flooring to install.

Doing so can tie the entire yard together. You’ll have a functional flooring material that’s practical and aesthetically pleasing. All of your guests will admire the quality and beauty of your patio space. But which flooring option is right for you?

See below for an in-depth guide that lists all of the best patio floor ideas that you should consider for your project.

1. Full Chip System

If you’re going to invest in a high-quality flooring option for your patio space, you want to make sure it’s designed for the outdoors. Some flooring materials can’t keep up with the elements, causing them to wear out quickly.

It would be advantageous to invest in something that coats the concrete slab on your patio. This will make it a beautiful and practical floor for all to enjoy. 

The full chip system is our most popular concrete coating system by far! It features a two-layer system. The first of which is a basecoat that features a mixture of polyurea concrete coating and decorative chips (hence the name) that can help you achieve your desired look.

After that, we will install a clear top coat (which is anti-slip). This top coat helps hold everything together while giving you that gorgeous shiny coat that everyone clamors for. 

There are many benefits to our decorate chip system, such as:

  • Protection against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Anti-slip coating to prevent accidents on your property
  • 20-times stronger than epoxy, giving you a higher return on your investment
  • Material that’s resistant to grease, gas, oil, and salt; making it a great flooring for your BBQ area
  • Both coats cure quickly to give you the desired result as fast as possible

2. Medici System

Perhaps you’re wanting to invest in a patio flooring material that rivals the glossy floors in a car showroom. If so, then the Medici system might be the perfect solution for you. 

Our Medici Polyurea color coating system can give you both the option of customization and durable flooring for years to come. 

This coating system is made of three primary coats which are each applied individually during installation.

The base layer is a tinted primer that gets your concrete in the best shape for the other coats to be applied. After that, we apply the Medici decorate floor coating, which comes in many different colors and aesthetics for you to choose from. It’s what gives the floors the result you’re looking for.

Lastly, we install the clear polyaspartic top coat to seal everything up, as well as give you the durable and luxurious appearance that you were hoping for. 

Should you choose to go with our Medici coating system, you would unlock such benefits as:

  • A coating that’s resistant to oil, grease, salt, and gasoline
  • Flooring that’s 20-times stronger than that of a regular epoxy floor
  • Top-notch UV protection—this floor will not fade or yellow
  • Glossy appearance without ever having to wax it

3.  Quartz Flooring System

Maybe you’re looking for a flooring option that breaks the mold of the typical shiny concrete appearance. You want something that adds tremendous value but is a bit off of the beaten path.

If so, then we highly recommend our quartz flooring. This flooring system was practically made for your outdoor patio, as it’s impervious to high traffic and resists any wear and tear from chemicals.

The quartz flooring system has a rough texture (in a good way) that makes it anti-slip. For that reason, you’ll find this flooring at gyms, restaurants, and other businesses that want to prevent slips. It follows all of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s slip requirements.

Other benefits of this unique flooring system include a quick cure time—meaning your floors can be used soon after they’re professionally installed—and high durability from chemical erosion.

The quarts system features three layers: a colored base coat, quartz granules, and a clear topcoat to help with durability. It’s available in a multitude of colors, allowing you to differentiate your patio floor even more.

4. Metallic System

Last, but certainly not least, we have our metallic system. You can apply it to concrete or wood, making it a perfect choice for any patio setup you may have.

This coating system gets its name from the metalling powder tints that are placed in the middle of the three-layer system. First, the colored PolyCuramine clear base coat is applied to ensure the floor is chemical and wear-resistant. 

Next, we apply metallic tints to give your floors the shimmering effect that will glisten under the outdoor sun. Lastly, the top coat (which is optional) can help you achieve that glossy aesthetic that so many homeowners love. It’s also very popular for garage floors!

The benefits of a metallic system include:

  • Luxurious finish without ever needing to wax
  • A virtually indestructible flooring system
  • Able to be applied on wood, concrete, or tile

Update Your Patio Flooring Today

Now that you have seen several incredible patio flooring options that you can choose from, it’s time to install one on your property right away.

Be sure to read this article for more information on patio flooring and why it’s so crucial that you renovate your patio space in the first place. To get started, call us at 1-855-436-7230 and we will be happy to assist you further.