An outdoor patio space is a perfect place for entertaining, kicking back in the evening, even having a leisurely breakfast! A beautiful patio is an extra living room, a space to chill out and use to the max. 

Do you find that you currently aren’t using your patio space as much as you’d like? There are some simple changes you can make to get the most out of it.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 ways to take full advantage of your patio space. 

1. Make It a Second Living Room

It’s true that in the past, patio furniture was less than appealing. Visually unattractive and even worse to sit on. Those days are well and truly behind us!

Now we can view our patio space as a second living room, and style it accordingly. Outdoor rugs amp up the coziness while sumptuous outdoor sofas and chairs mean you do not sacrifice comfort.

Feeling whimsical? How about a hammock, or a swing chair? These ideas are not only comfortable, but they add playfulness to the whole ensemble. 

Don’t forget to anchor your seating with tables for drinks and nibbles. All-weather patio furniture now on the market means that you don’t even have to worry about putting it away. Simply give it a wipe with a soft cloth, throw on a few extra pillows, and it’s good to go.

Here’s a fun feature to think about. If you’ve got a kitchen window that opens onto the patio, why not add an outdoor shelf, a couple of bar chairs and make it an outdoor bar? This fun touch is also practical, as you can pass the drinks straight through the window!

2. Add a Fire Pit

In our indoor living rooms, many of us love nothing better than huddling around a roaring fire. Why not bring that feature to your patio space?

Fire pits come in all different forms and are a great additional feature. There are portable ones that you can store away in a shed. There are brick-built or other permanent fire pits that add a great focal point.

Adding a gas fire pit is a great way to add a unique selling point to your property. It’s perfect for taking advantage of your patio space year-round. Now even winter nights are perfect for gathering on the patio and toasting marshmallows!

3. Make It a Dining Area

When thinking about how to use your patio space, see whether you can add a dining area. Zoning your patio can create distinct spaces for dining and relaxing. 

Alfresco dining can be incredibly enjoyable. It’s a luxurious experience and somehow everything tastes better in the open air! And it’s not just about fabulous entertaining.

Why not try moving your morning meal out onto the patio when the weather’s good? If you’ve got an inviting dining area already set up, then you can upgrade your breakfast game by dining in the sunshine. Even a morning coffee out in the fresh air can get your day off to a great start!

Whatever outdoor dining furniture you choose, make sure it’s comfortable. Outdoor cushioning tends to be on the firmer side, and seats that are rock hard will not encourage you to use them. Make sure you try them for comfort before buying.

To take advantage of evenings as the days draw in, think about lighting for your dining area. This doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Simple string lights can provide enough light to eat by and create an enchanting atmosphere. 

4. Adorn With Tasteful Planting

While patios can do double duty as outdoor living and dining rooms, they are still part of the garden. You can make the link between the patio and the rest of the garden seamless with tasteful planting.

This is where planters are your friend. They’re so versatile and allow you to effortlessly create different layouts. You can even use planting to create virtual walls to zone areas of the patio.

You can also use larger shrubs and trees to provide shade. Unless you incorporate a covered area, patios can be very exposed during part of the day. Trees in planters, or planted close by, can provide much-needed shade and will mean you don’t have to scurry back inside.

You can also consider adding interest with vertical structures and planting. Simple trellis structures, or pergolas with climbing plants, can add a huge amount of interest, as well as provide shade. 

5. Update Your Hardscaping

A patio space is only as good as the patio material. Brick designs, ceramic tiles, and natural finishes such as slate are available. But what if you’ve got a concrete patio with a poor finish?

Polyurea coatings are a practical and elegant solution. Concrete patios have never screamed glamor, until now. Adding a polyurea allows you to incorporate a creative design and more.

Polyurea coatings are extremely strong and durable. They are completely waterproof and chemical-proof. This makes them super easy to keep clean, and they do not stain or discolor.

When thinking about how to improve your patio space, it’s a good idea to investigate polyurea coatings. They are naturally slightly grippy, they’re quick to lay and cure, and are completely resistant to sunshine.

There’s no yellowing to worry about because unlike epoxy coatings they are UV resistant. They are also scratch-resistant, so no need to worry about furniture scraping the surface. 

Take Advantage of Your Patio Space

Your patio space should be one of the best features of your home. A space for good times with families and friends – a place to make memories. Don’t let a poor patio finish stop you from using it to the full.

Call in the patio finishing professionals at Garage Force. We do far more than just garage floors. Our super strong and durable polyurea coatings not only last, but they look spectacular too.

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