Early on basements became the place to store items that required a lower temperature. They were small cellars that stored wine, vegetables, and other foods. These basements were strictly for function and not leisure. 

It wasn’t until the 1950s that basements boomed and became more of what we consider them today. You might use your basement for storage and laundry or as a fully recreational space. Maybe you’re renovating your basement and looking for ways to enhance the look.

Basement floor coating is a great way to optimize the space and add a unique, practical look to the flooring. 

If you’re unsure about whether to take the plunge and spend the money it is understandable. We’ll examine what basement floor coating options will work for your situation. We’ll even go over the pros and cons to help you make a decision.   

What Is Basement Floor Coating?

A basement floor coating covers your floor preventing breakage, stains, and impact damage. Any common basement floor coating is generally epoxy. However, polyurea is a better option because it is stronger and extremely flexible. 

The polyurea coating is a substance called elastomer. This substance combines synthetic resin and isocyanate to produces polyurea.  

Floor coatings are popular because of their resistance. They bypass a majority of the problems that strike in the basement. This includes moisture, stains, and chemicals. 

The full chip system is our most popular concrete coating system. The basecoat is our polyurea coating with decorative chips. The topcoat is anti-slip and creates a high-gloss shine. 

Pros of Basement Floor Coating 

The pros of installing coating on your basement flooring are significant. After reading you’ll understand why they are sought after in residential spaces.  

Easy to Maintain 

With a polyurea coating, your concrete basement floor is extremely easy to maintain. The next time you have an unfortunate leak in your basement you won’t worry about the flooring. It is resistant to moisture with the coating. 

Any chemical spills won’t leak into the floor. If you have a renovated basement your children can drop their drinks on the floor without worry. Stains won’t penetrate and dust doesn’t set in. 

The painless maintenance makes polyurea the best basement floor coating. Next time you have a family gathering for the holidays’ everyone will take notice. 

Quick Installation Time 

The two-layer system requires little drying time. The quicker drying time equates to less time for bubbles to develop. This is one of the reasons that polyurea coatings are better than epoxy.  

Your floor coating will get installed in one day when all other preparations get met. No more waiting for days and keeping visitors, your dog, and friends from going downstairs. The coatings will last up to 25 years.

Resistance to Damage

Feel free to move your washer and dryer around without worry. Applying this coating means your floors are resistant to scrapes and scratches. 

It is also resistant to oils, any gasses, and harsh chemicals. You won’t have to worry about these floors like you would hardwood or carpet. It also works with the concrete as it expands over time. 

You can’t stop concrete from moving and expanding over time. With polyurea coating, you can guarantee it accommodates any movement without leaving cracks. 

Variety of Options to Choose From 

Floor coatings come in a variety of styles to match your decor. Pick a variety of colors like deep brown or black to mimic hardwood. Or feel free to pick a louder color like pink or bright yellow. 

The full chip option even mimics granite. This look takes your regular basement up a notch. You’ll match your existing decor with no problem with the variety of options available to you. 

We even provide a quartz system that adds texture and durability. It is also anti-slip and resistant to heavy traffic. 

Cons of Basement Floor Coating 

The cons of coating your basement floor might not be exactly what you think. Continue reading to learn why. 

The Overall Cost 

The cost is something everyone should consider. You have to factor in the type of coating you choose and the surface area. Also, consider the current condition of the floor as it stands and the materials used. 

This alone is enough to sway someone in a different direction. It is often why a fully renovated basement gets covered with carpet or tile.

The Materials

The materials that go into installation are vast. The floor paint, the specific tools, the initial cleaning, and repair. It makes the experience pricy. Compare it with the installation of hardwood or carpet to be sure. 

The Fumes During Installation

Lingering smells during and after installation could be harsh. This is especially true in a basement that’s enclosed. Be mindful of both the time of year and what your ventilation is like before you decide on coating. 

The smells have the potential to linger. Finding a solution to stop that before installation is ideal. 

Is Basement Floor Coating Necessary?

The necessity of the flooring depends on the function of your space. The good thing is that floor coatings are extremely versatile and durable. 

If you decide the basement floor coating options didn’t work out don’t worry. It is possible to put hardwood or carpet overtop. The adaptability is what really seals the deal with coatings.

When you understand your basement use and purpose it is a great way to decide on your flooring options. If you need more assistance call us and we’ll be happy to help.

Seal the Deal With Your Coating Today 

Your basement floor will love a facelift.  Basement floor coating is a choice that provides many benefits when installed properly. Our professionals will do exactly that. 

At Garage Force we want you to feel confident in your choice. Our workmanship and reliability are what sets us apart. Call us today for a free estimate.  

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