The garage may be the most underappreciated room in most a house. But its importance should not be underestimated. Google, Amazon, Apple, and many more companies had their humble beginnings in someone’s garage. Almost 55% of people use their garage as the main entrance to their home and the same number of homeowners spend between 1 and 2 hours in their garage every week. 

So when we’re using our garage so often, and in such important ways, it makes sense we want it to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. Garage floors are often worn and cracked, making them an unsightly entrance to your home.  

Polyurea is a modern floor coating that has created quite a buzz in the industry in the last few years. The relatively new flooring is now a favorite of many installers and surpassed the previous crowd favorite of epoxy. 

Its fast curing properties have seen it dubbed the “holy grail” of floor coatings and is the best of the best.

If you’re thinking of installing a polyurea garage floor, you’re on your way to lasting, good-looking floors. But what exactly is it, and why would you want it on your floor? Keep reading to find out what all the fuss is about.

What is Polyurea?

In simple terms, Polyurea is a component of polyurethane. It mixes with resin to cause rapid curing and can be up to 20 times stronger than epoxy coatings

Benefits of Polyurea Installation

Polyurea has a range of benefits that will serve you well both immediately after install and for years to come. 

Quick Installation

The first benefit of polyurea is that it’s fast to install. While epoxy can take 2-3 days to install, polyurea can be installed by professionals in a single day (or less!). 

Polyurea is applied in two coats, the first containing the color and primer, with a second clear coat placed over top. Each layer dries rapidly, cutting installation time to a single day. This means that not only are you saving time and money on installation costs, but you won’t have to go without your garage for multiple days on end. 

It’s important to have professional polyurea floor installers conduct your install to ensure it is applied properly to maintain its durability and strength. 

Fast Drying

Epoxy coatings will take 24 hours to dry to a point where you are able to walk on the surface, and a full 7 days before you are able to drive a vehicle on it.
In contrast, you can walk on polyurea coatings within 8 hours of application and vehicles can drive on it after only 24 hours.

This makes it perfect for businesses who can’t afford large amounts of downtime, or residents who have no alternative space to store their garage items and vehicles. 

In addition, polyurea’s fast dry time decreases the chance of bubbles forming on the surface, further ensuring you achieve a smooth clean look.

Polyurea will also only dry once professionally applied to your concrete surface. This means it won’t dry out or clump in the container, ensuring a perfectly even application every time. 


Polyurea coatings don’t need a certain ambient temperature in order to be applied. They can be applied in temperatures ranging from -30 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can apply it year-round and don’t need to wait for fine weather. 

Once installed, polyurea can also withstand high temperatures. This means your floors will remain strong and intact even in hot climates, and you will not cause damage by exposing them to hot tires.

Virtually no odor

Polyurea is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemical gases that are emitted from certain products and have been linked to negative health effects.

The offensive odor of VOCs makes high VOC products less appealing, particularly when used in indoor spaces, such as garages. 
Polyurea has virtually no odor during installation, or afterward, making it perfect for both residential and commercial uses. 


Garages are prime locations for possible slips and falls that can cause serious injury. Water and oil spills are commonplace in garages and can create a dangerous hazard. However, polyurea can eliminate this risk. After the topcoat has been applied, professionals can add slip resistance to the surface if you desire. For floors that may get wet or slippery, this addition is very worthwhile.

100% U.V stable

Polyurea floors will remain crystal clear during the application process, and once cured completely seal out moisture, ensuring they never yellow with time. 


Polyurea floors are extremely durable and stand the test of time. You are guaranteed a strong, flexible floor that will withstand daily wear and tear. It won’t scratch and will be resistant to cracks, mold, chemicals, and stains, including salt.

Polyurea is highly flexible, making it absorb shock and impact without cracking. Its flexibility allows for the natural movement of ground and concrete, where other floors would crack, polyurea will flex with your floor, maintaining a smooth surface. 

Polyurea is easy to wipe or mop clean, no scrubbing is required. 


Polyurea pays for itself over time. As it only takes two coats to apply, it is a budget-friendly epoxy alternative. Furthermore, the short installation time keeps labor and installation costs low, and the incredible durability of polyurea means you won’t be spending money on maintenance or repairs in the future.  

Classic look

Finally, polyurea provides a high gloss finish, giving your garage floor a sleek, elegant look.

Let’s Call the Polyurea Garage Floor Installers

Now that you know what you can expect from a polyurea garage floor, it’s time to call in the experts. Located all over the United States, wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. For beautiful, long-lasting garage floors reach out to our team and we’ll whip your garage floor into shape.