You’re missing out on more than wicker furniture and a few potted plants. If you’re not taking advantage of your patio space, you’re not living in your home to the fullest extent.

The hard truth is that you’re wasting the opportunity to continue your living space by allowing it to flow to the outdoors. Don’t you want to entertain friends and family on warm summer evenings? You’ll need a stunning patio for that.

So what should you do with your new patio installation? Here are a few features to include in your patio design.

Add a Second Level

Who says you have to do all of your entertaining on one level? No one, so why stop at the standard flat backyard when you can have tiers.

Create a two-tiered patio that will not only look stunning but allow you to have some separation for different areas of your backyard.

You can use one area for dining and the other for lounging. Or maybe you want to give the kids a place to gather while you relax with your adult friends. Adding in another level allows you to get creative with your backyard design.

Cook and Dine Al Fresco

It’s universally accepted that one of the best parts of warm-weather evenings is the barbecues. There’s nothing better than friends and families gathered together and the smell of something delicious wafting through the air.

So why not include this in your patio design? Add an outdoor kitchen to cook up some delicious creations. Of course, you’ll have a barbecue, but you can also include a pizza oven and a wet bar.

And you’ll need somewhere to eat, so create an area where you can dine al fresco. A dedicated dining area will get a lot of use in the summer.

Include a Fire Pit or Fireplace

Gather around the fire at the end of the nice roasted marshmallows, tell scary stories, and make memories that last a lifetime. However, you can’t do that if you don’t have an area to build a fire.

That’s why you should include a fire pit or fireplace in your new patio plan. A fire pit is a great place that will allow you to gather around. You can place your own furniture or build in benches in a dynamic design.

A fireplace will really feel like you’re continuing the living space. Create a lounging area with comfortable outdoor sofas and chairs.

Enclosed Patio

Enjoy the patio, even on the summer’s worst days. Just because it’s raining or cloudy doesn’t mean you should get to enjoy the outdoors. Create an enclosed patio so you can enjoy the space year-round, no matter what the weather.

Try enclosing the space in glass to create a sunroom. You will be able to feel like you’re outside while keeping yourself covered. Or enclose the patio into a room but make the ceiling skylights.

However you decide to enclose your patio, you want to have some way to let the light in.

Try a Water Feature

Looking to create serenity in your backyard? What better way than with a bubbling brook or tranquil pond? A water feature might be the detail you’re looking for to create the stunning patio you’ve always wanted.

Combine features like a waterfall and a pond for a water feature that will instantly relax. Add fish and aquatic plants to help it blend better into the landscape.

Next to your water feature, you can add a few chairs and benches to give yourself a conversation area.

Resurface Your Patio

There are a ton of incredible features you can add to a patio, but you shouldn’t overlook improving the patio itself. After all, you want a good base for all the furniture and extra features you’re planning to add.

Consider resurfacing your patio with our concrete coating that’s durable and resistant to UV light. With various color options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and patio design.

These coatings are scratch-resistant, so they’re perfect for high-traffic areas like a patio. And the incredible durability makes them a great option for busy families. On top of that, they look incredible on every patio.

Cover with a Pergola

If you want to block out the sun without building over your patio, then consider covering the space with a pergola. The open slats of this structure allow in some light while still providing shade.

A patio pergola is an ideal area to have a dining or sitting space separate from the main backyard area.

You can also decorate the pergola with vining plants or lights to make it a feature of the backyard. Or try hanging a hammock from the structure for a hidden nook of relaxation.

Create a Personal Jungle

The right plants can make your backyard feel like your own personal oasis. The leafy green foliage adds a bit of natural decor that’s an easy way to dress up an empty space.

Use large foliage to create some privacy from neighbors. Or add vining and climbing plants to railings, banisters, and trellises for an old-world feature. And don’t underestimate the pop of color a pot of bright flowers can give.

You can find some easy-to-care-for outdoor plants at local nurseries. But if you really don’t have a green thumb, there’s no harm in a few life-like faux foliage.

Take Your Patio Installation to the Next Level

Having an outdoor entertainment space is more important than ever. A dedicated area where you can spend time with your friends and family in the fresh air is ideal for enjoying the warm weather of summer.

But you can’t stop only at a new patio installation. You need to include the show-stopping features to create the entertaining space everyone will flock to. Create the patio of your dreams and enjoy it all summer long.

Feeling inspired by these patio ideas? Allow us to make your patio the talk of the next barbecue. Contact our experts today to get a quote on a new patio.