Did you know that 5.6 million commercial buildings exist in the United States?

If you own one, you want each part to last for as long as possible. From walls to floors, you want them to stand against the test of time. A good solution is to use a concrete coating system on the floors.

So, how does concrete coating help your commercial space?

Read the rest of our guide to learn this solution’s various benefits.

1. Durability

Concrete coatings are important if you don’t want to replace your flooring every few years. It’s easy for concrete surfaces to crack and chip when something hard falls on them. It also wears down faster when many people pass by your commercial spaces.

Our concrete coatings can protect your commercial floors from various wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about stains and surface abrasions. You won’t have to worry about heavy equipment movement for a long while.

Our concrete coating product is 20 times more durable than epoxy. The best part is that we’ll install the floor coating within one day. It helps prevent unwanted downtime for your commercial building.

2. Resistant Surfaces

Our coating is waterproof, meaning stains will cease to be problems. It’s because the floor will no longer have a porous surface. It protects your subfloor from damage and prevents mold from growing.

This is a great benefit if you own restaurants, medical facilities, or laundromats. With moisture resistance, you’re unlikely to suffer from constant subfloor replacements.

3. Easy Maintenance and Cost-Efficiency

Our coating is easy to maintain, especially if you deal with constant foot traffic. You can wipe dirt and debris off your coated flooring without an issue. Your build operation runs smoother because you worry less about maintenance.

Cleaning your commercial floors is as simple as brooming and mopping the surface. If you want to maintain its aesthetics further, use a gentle cleanser. It will make your floors in pristine condition for longer.

As said above, applying our coating on your flooring will make it non-porous. It will prevent corrosive chemicals and bacteria from getting inside it. It’s a great investment since it’s affordable and eco-friendly.

The durability and resistance of this coating lead you to save more money. It’s especially in the long-term since repair and replacement costs can add up. With commercial floor coating, your bottom line won’t suffer as much from maintenance.

4. Safer Floor Surface

Are you aware that over 800,000 Americans get hospitalized each year because of a fall injury? To increase your commercial building’s safety, get our floor coating. We have various features that would make your spaces free from accidents.

Our coating is non-slip, making it almost impossible to fall into the floor. It applies even when the surfaces are wet. It’s the perfect solution if your commercial space experiences heavy traffic.

Because of the coating’s material, it’s also anti-static. It means it won’t build up static electricity over time. It eliminates accidental sparks or detonation. It’s an important feature when your commercial space houses various machinery.

5. Flexibility

Concrete floor coatings are flexible. It accommodates a wider variety of floor needs. Whether it’s protection or decorative, this solution will deliver.

It’s the best choice whether your space is for offices, workshops, or restaurants. It’s also perfect when your business has industrial environments. It includes factories and chemical plants.

The mixture used for the coating is versatile too. It means you can pick colors and the strength of the non-skid feature. If your work environment is dangerous, you can use a stronger coating to match it.

6. Lightens Dark Spaces

Our coating has reflective qualities that enhance the work environment. It’s a great asset when you’re looking to brighten up dark spaces like shadowy warehouses. With brighter flooring, your employees feel safer and happier.

Using concrete floor coatings on your commercial spaces transforms it. It ceases to be boring, dull, and gray. As said above, it will have a glossy, reflective sheen.

You can opt for various colors and styles for your coating design. It ranges from plain solid colors to multi-pattern designs using an array of colors. It’s exciting because you have the power to pick the color and design combinations.

It helps you achieve an attractive and functional work environment. Various colors and styles allow you to designate various spaces for specific functions. It means people will know whether your space is for work or traversing.

7. Environment-Friendliness

As a commercial space, you must be aware of your carbon footprint. Our world needs rehabilitation, so you must contribute toward minimizing it. To make your task easier, use concrete floor coatings.

If you use concrete floor coating, you’ll consume less power and energy to refinish your floors. As said before, the level of maintenance your floor needs is minimal.

This allows you to be more efficient when consuming resources. When you clean your flooring every day, you’re contributing more waste to the environment. It’s especially when you treat it with chemicals that can pollute the air when they evaporate.

Our coating has little to no odor and has no VOC. It comes from 100% Polyurea, making it safe for the environment. It comes with LEED contribution for both base and topcoat.

Are you planning to use concrete floor coating on your garage? If so, doing DIY makes it a risky task. Read our guide about how to pick the best floor coating companies to do it for you.

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We hope to convince you to use our concrete coating solutions with these advantages. It’s going to pay dividends in both short- and long-term. You’ll have a safer, easy to maintain work environment.

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