According to Google Trends, “best garage floor-coatings” is a hot topic. Hundreds of homeowners ask what is the best floor-coating for garages each year.

Unfortunately, many of the available floor coatings do not have the durability one needs for garages and commercial flooring. Over time, a lot of these products will yellow, crack, chip, or rub off. 

However, the good news is that there are solutions that will transform your floor, whether in a garage or commercial space—and last for many years to come. 

In this guide, we will be comparing some of the available coatings for garage and commercial floors and pinpointing the best one.

Want to pick a solution for your floor that will last a lifetime? If yes, continue reading to find out which is the best garage and commercial floor-coating. 


If you are thinking of upgrading your garage or commercial space, you may have heard of concrete waxes. Concrete waxes are commonly used to seal and protect polished concrete floors. 

However, they are not a strong, durable, or transformative solution. Unless you already have a pristinely polished concrete floor, applying a layer of wax is not going to do much. 

Wax will yield a marginal amount of protection, but it won’t upgrade the appearance of an old, stained, rough, or chipped concrete floor. Instead, it will actually seal in any already existing stains. 

Therefore, concrete waxes should only be re-applied to already waxed floors to maintain them. They should not be used to redo concrete flooring because the results won’t be transformational, and the waxes will not provide long-lasting durability. 

Cement Paint

Another popular coating for redoing garage and commercial flooring is paint. Painting a floor will provide immediate and impressive results. 

However, over time, there is a high chance that the paint will chip and scuff off. If thorough preparation is done, and you choose a high-quality paint, this can extend the lifetime. However, there will come the day that you will start to see wear and tear. 

What’s more, you’ll also need to be very protective of your floor. The more wear and tear a painted floor sees, the sooner it will start chipping and wearing through. 

If you’re thinking of painting a low traffic floor area, such as a guest bathroom, this might not be such an issue. 

However, garage and commercial flooring tend to be high traffic and high impact, making paint a less than ideal choice. 

Upgrading your garage flooring is a great way to add value to your home, and paint can be a cheap route. However, when it starts chipping, you’ll be back where you started—with a worn-looking floor. 

Epoxy Floor-Coatings

Epoxy coatings are considered to be a durable option for refinishing garage and commercial flooring. However, epoxy coatings do have a couple of drawbacks. For one, they are extremely prone to bubbling during curing. 

What’s more, while epoxy coatings are stronger than floor paint, they are prone to yellowing and discoloration over time. This isn’t a good look. 

What’s more, even though epoxy coatings are stronger than paint, they are still a temporary flooring solution. Given time, they too will start to develop cracks and chips. If epoxy is subject to high impact activities, this will happen all the sooner.

Another drawback to epoxy coatings is the fumes they release when mixed and applied are toxic. 

Polyurea Floor-Coating

Polyurea is not as well known as other floor-coating methods. However, it is one of the strongest and most long-lasting solutions you can apply to your floors. 

Unlike epoxy, it is 100% UV stable, which means it will not discolor over time. It is also incredibly resistant to abrasive damage, and is used extensively in industrial coating applications for machinery, pipes, and pumps, thanks to its resistance against corrosive elements

Polyurea has an incredibly high tensile strength and is roughly 20x stronger than epoxy. In comparison to paint, polyurea far outstrips it in terms of durability and lifespan. 

Besides being highly durable, polyurea is also versatile. You can choose between a range of finishes and colors. It also offers a high-end finish, similar to that of quartz or polished stone. 

Depending on your needs, you can opt for high gloss finishes or non-slip textured options. 

Thanks to all of these attributes, we believe that polyurea is one of the best coating options for commercial flooring, garages, and homes. This is why Garage Force works with a range of polyurea products.

Besides being long-lasting, attractive, versatile, and non-yellowing, the products we install here at Garage Force are VOC-free, fast setting, and highly resistant to staining and chipping.

We offer this hardwearing flooring option in a large range of finishes, including solid colors, metallic, non-skid, natural tones, decorative chip. 

Whether you want to refinish a garage floor, makeover a commercial space, or even upgrade the floor within your living areas—there is a finish for you. 

Do You Need to Transform Your Garage or Commercial Flooring?

Are you looking to transform your garage flooring, commercial flooring, or even flooring in your home? If so, it’s essential that you don’t choose a floor-coating option that will require ongoing maintenance and re-application to keep it from looking shabby. 

If continual touch-ups and re-applications don’t sound like your thing, polyurea coatings are the way to go.

Here at Garage Force, we use a multi-layer process to ensure that you get the most hardwearing flooring-coating that money can buy. 

What’s more, our installations are eco-safe, dust-free, low odor, fast curing, and come with a residential lifetime warranty. We also only require one day for installation, meaning minimal disruption for you. 

Want to enjoy perfect floors forever? We have installation teams throughout the US, so contact us now to get a quote.